We are the authorized Sales agent of Active Network - USA for RFID Reader for TCAS Project by South Central Railway in India.


  • IP3222- IP-X UHF Single Antenna Reader
  • IP5011-1 IP-X UHF Kit OEM Reader, With Flat Panel Antenna

The UHF Single Antenna Reader can be configured in a wide range of power and
frequency settings, and complies with ETSI (Europe) and FCC (USA) standards. The power level is factory set from 0.1 W to 2 W ERP, and the frequency from 860 to 960 MHz, fixed or hopping. This reader can read both Read-only and Read/Write tags, can read all the data pages transmitted by tags operating in “TTO**” mode, and perform all read, write, and control functions associated with the operation of Read/Write tags.

Key Features

  • Complies worldwide i.e USA, European, China, Australian and RSA
  • UHF band (860 – 960 MHz) up to 2 W ERP
  • Multiple reader deployment in confined space can operate asynchronous
  • Integrated antenna/radio/communication design
  • Read/Write, compatible with EM4122, 4222, 4444 and 4445 chip sets
  • Long range (7 m+ depending on TX power and tag type)
  • Robust anti-collision protocol (up to 240 tags read simultaneously)
  • High tag read rate – up to 200 tags/sec in multi-read application
  • Standard outputs: Ethernet /RS422/ RS232 and Wiegand
  • Real time clock (RTC)
  • IP-65 enclosure and connectors
  • Software, hardware and diagnostics control
  • Built-in test and diagnostics
  • Status LED’s and Buzzer
  • Buzzer and LEDs under software control
  • Tag ID codes are CRC-validated.
  • User Data –R/W Tags – can be CCITT CRC validated.
  • R/W up to 14 pages (64 bits each) of User Data.
  • Read up to 14 page of TTO** data.
  • Several operating modes and selectable message formats
  • Code repeats are suppressed if operated in “Event” mode (only one code per tag is sent to the host)
  • Fast deployment
  • Reverse polarity and DC overvoltage protected up to 70 VDC.
  • ISO 18000-6D “TOTAL” compliant.


  • Proximity range applications, e.g. Access Control
  • Electronic Vehicle tolling
  • People and Asset registration and tracking
  • Supply chain management Industrial control

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